I am a passionate lover of Jesus. I also dabble in homemade chocolate truffle making. I lead Bible studies and prayer groups. I am a crazy fitness fanatic and love competing in fitness races. As the author of "Unstoppable God", I enjoy telling my testimony of miracles to encourage others. The fun part is "Unstoppable God" was written just before I learned I would need a heart transplant. The new physical heart went in on April 1, 2018. What a crazy journey it has been since then! The surgery did not go as planned and I was left mostly blind and with a few other not-so-fun-issues. However, God is God of it all! He is still writing my story and I am happy to share it with you.


My husband of twenty-five years and I live in Spring Hill, Tennessee where we pride ourselves on being the loudest house on the block. Our three ever-growing sons—and a sweet, brown-and-white pup, Hank—keep us on our knees to Jesus on a regular basis. I was born to never meet a stranger and I consider myself a professional friend maker and talker. I am an adoptive mother and homeschool teacher. I am most fervent about bringing healing and hope to a hurting world through the love of Jesus. I support orphan ministries around the globe and continues to advocate for children in need of families. 

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